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Where to buy meth test kits Want Sex Dating

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Where to buy meth test kits

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Sample any interior surface for meth contaminatnion, get results instantly. The meth test kits target methamphetamine only and are extremely sensitve.

These kits are easy to use; much like a pregnacy test. You can wipe 1 surface area to get 1 result or you can wipe ot surface areas to get 1 result; get your results within minutes. Check to see if your state Whole rock dating regulated and to what target standard.

Watch the 3 minute instruction video. These rapid format, diagnostic tests can be used for the detection of methamphetamine residue targeting the most recognized state legal limits of 0.

The tests are to be used for surface detection of methamphetamine, MDMA and d,l methamphetamine obtained from a buffer activated wipe. The results are visually read between 5 to 10 minutes and compared to a Line Intensity Card click to see how it looks ; semi-quantitatively.

Great for health department personnel, home inspectors, law enforcement, hest service and environmental personnel. Perfect for industrial hygienists, decontamination specialists, landlords, renters, realtors and home buyers.

The average deviation for the 0. Many of laboratories offering methamphetamine residue analysis have not been validated for meth analysis nor do they hold any meth related certifications.

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Moisten Wipe Massage Buffer throughout Wipe. Pipette onto Cassette Pipette Buffer onto Cassette. Order Kits.