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Teacup size dogs for sale

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Poodle (Toy or Tea Cup) Puppies for Sale -

Their hearts may be tiny. But they still beat for you.

Trouble is, for so-called teacup dogs, those hearts beat so hard and so fast to help push blood through their frail, underdeveloped bodiesit often adds up to heartbreak. Welcome to the misery that is miniaturization.

I'm sure it was a TV show or something. And then everyone had to have one.

The definition of teacup is pretty loose. Essentially, Perry says, any "exceptionally small" dog falls under that umbrella.

No specific breed is a teacup by default. That leaves slae breeders to devise new and brutal ways to shrink an already small breed like a Chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier into something new and terrible.

Teacup size dogs for sale I Am Search Teen Sex

Aside from Paris Hilton's dubious menagerie — she says she has 35 pets — teacups are also frequently seen at shelters. Shelters like East Valley, where Perry often sees teacup dogs brought in.

People will return them and say, "I can't do anything with them. As though they're expecting teacups to be like, well, dogs. Trouble is, these pint-sized pooches are not Swiss watches.

They're not ingeniously designed micro-marvels. Physiologically, tiny breeds take a licking - Perry cites tiny bones that scarcely develop, precious sape exercise, overworked organs - and more often than not, they don't keep on ticking.

15 Cute Miniature Dog Breeds - Best Toy Dog Breed List

They don't last as long. And, much to some new teacup owners' surprise, they can't quite do all the things normal-sized dogs do.

Even some things that are quite vital. Frail-bodied teacups don't get a lot of opportunities to just be dogs. And often, to meet surging demands for the micro market, they hail from places like this:.

So they can put them in a purse fot walk around with them? If you're up for giving one of the thousands of regular-sized dogs a home, visit Adopt-a-Pet.

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