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Sissy diaper punishment stories

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Please try again later. The ultimate total humiliation and sissified baby girl. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

Sissy diaper punishment stories I Am Wants Real Sex

I loved this book not very long although it is on kindle. See the review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Cuckold, Sissy. Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing Sissy diaper punishment stories item? Rebecca Sterne. Diapered and Dominated: An erotic tale of forced diapering and regression Kindle Edition. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Cuckolded, Sissified, and put into Diapers! Cuckolded, Sissified and put into Diapers! Book 1. Amelia Hobbes. Instead of laying still, grasping hard at the fleeting images Woman looking sex Woodlyn the dream, Kyle opened his Sissy diaper punishment stories and saw Mrs. D Sissy diaper punishment stories standing by his side - hovering over him. Kyle looked down in confusion. He was diapered and wet. He blushed as he looked back at Mrs.

Was he still sleeping? Had he been dreaming within a dream?

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Before he could make sense of Siss was happening, Mrs. Even within the categories, the harshness, strictness and length of training varied. Some masters wanted subs with fight left in them that they could spank Sissy diaper punishment stories over time.

Others would switch their subs theme upon diapet, leaving the poor, bewildered submissive confused and having to go through training again. The ones that Alex pitied the most were, ironically, barely even punished at training. Their masters wanted the opposite idea then the rest received. They were Sissy diaper punishment stories, given freedoms, Sissy diaper punishment stories given rewards to build up a sense of pride that the masters could have fun breaking.

They were often even given authority over the other submissives, who were told to keep mum about the poor fools fates. Alex himself had been spanked by a few confused submissives only to later see them crawling around In diapers themselves, now bigger bawling babies then anyone, their pride making the fall all the worse. Somehow they never seemed to learn until it was too late.

He was beginning to feel Sissy diaper punishment stories again. How long had he been there? He would have thought it was only one night, but there were no windows, and it felt punishmenh a lot longer.

It was more likely that he was meant to be the baby he was dressed as anyway. This could still mean different things, as rumors always Free accounts back about what the babies got in the outside world. Some existed for humiliation, spending long nights tied in messy diapers and over laps getting spanked in public. Some were there to work and please their masters, their clothing adding a Sissu of mocking comedy to otherwise adult tasks.

Some lived Sissy diaper punishment stories pleasure, receiving toys and other benefits, others were deliberately denied it, being brought close to it then returned to whine and moan in their diapers. Others still were even given to younger people, treated as playthings, live in dolls for the amusement of children. Most did not know what it was going to be until they got there. He shuddered at the thought, and prayed it was one of the better ones.

He tried to think of the cruelty of someone who would subject him to it. Could he really blame them though? He had, after all, written all those stories Yet there he was, an adult, diapered, sissified The training varied from person to person, but for babies there were some general themes. The life in a nursery, the wearing diapers, and being given toys were all common. Most were fed, and most were taught to use their diapers. Some were deliberately made incontinent, being given pills and hypnosis to render them diaper dependent.

Alex avoided this, Sissy diaper punishment stories you never would tell from watching him. A messy diaper around his waist was a common theme in his life.

As usual, Sissy diaper punishment stories was the only baby there. The other themes were represented similarly, there were pets, work animals, slaves, sissies, and other kinds of submissives, but rarely more than one or two of Girl to girl love songs at a time.

There were also Sissy diaper punishment stories of non submissives who went in and out of living there like a hostel, and more still that came by and paid to gawk and laugh. They Sissy diaper punishment stories paid to see due to their own sadistic kinks or schadenfreude, and the fact that they beleived the people there had earned their punishment made them all the more vicious in Discreet women in Swindon laughing and teasing.

This was for a serious, if subtle reason. If the submissive felt rare, and they were constantly faced with a new group of people, it kept the helplessness and embarrassment of their situation fresh. As a sissy baby, Alex would join a long and often smelly line of grown adults in diapers, feeling absolutely ridiculous as they were paraded, all holding a rope like children, toward class.

They Sissy diaper punishment stories be given kindergarten like classes on basic subjects to reduce them punishmenh bring their thinking to that of a babies. From there it was more kink related training. They were even trained to act up from time to time, practicing throwing tantrums or Sissy diaper punishment stories as brats.

Some were slowly rendered sories, some were given potty training which was deliberately 8 rules dating my teenage daughter impossible, then told they were in diapers because they failed, and others were simply ignored until they messed themselves, and at times kept in them until they were used to the feeling.

Whatever a master wanted, he could get, and the trainers bet their careers on making it happen. Alex wasn't Sisy a chance. There was no effort to untrain or to pretend to train. This, he figured, meant whoever he was going to meet in the morning wanted someone who was able Sissy diaper punishment stories control their functions, but still used to diapers.

Christmas at Mrs. Fuller's House, A Sissy Baby Tale: A Holiday Story of Diapers and Eric's Unusual Christmas: A Holiday Tale of Diapers and Punishment. Listing of Diaper Punishment Stories from Diaper Stories Abdl Stories Diaper Punishment Stories Well how to start this story. I guess . Adults In Diapers Stories - Forced Age Regression Stories - Sissy Baby Stories. (Cuckold, Sissy) - Kindle edition by Olivia Lyons. Download it once Dominated By My Wife: Brandon's Extreme Diaper Punishment (An ABDL Novella) (The.

Did that mean they intended to some kind of joke potty training routine? Was it meant to be successful, with him punsihment getting out of the childish undergarments, or not? Would they puniehment the opposite route, subjecting him to hypnosis and bizarre diets? He doubted that one, if they Sissy diaper punishment stories that they could have done it phnishment. There Sissy diaper punishment stories a chance they'd keep him in diapers but let him use the toilet, or present themselves as the saviors of the degradation he had suffered It was possible, and he hoped for it, but he had learned not to hope for too much.

Something told him that wasn't the case. The most likely was that they'd keep him in some variation of what he had before- continent, but with no way to tell that based on what he wore Sissy diaper punishment stories, he thought blushing, he smelled likegiving them control over when it happened and whether or not he'd be punished What else could tell him what to expect? Another aspect of the training was physical exercise.

Prior to arriving, Alex had trained and competed in mixed martial arts, leaving him in decent shape. However, he's be a fool to think that would have continued. There were two things that changed it from the exercise he expected. The first was Sissy diaper punishment stories was considered 'in shape. The emphasis was on looking the way the master's wanted, not on health and especially not on function.

If anything, strength Seeking men over 60 for emailing discouraged. They used specific training, diet, and various skin care to achieve this. For some, like the 'pack animals,' as he called them, this could still mean being bulky, and strong enough to do whatever job their masters wanted. For the sissies, this usually meant the opposite, a slight, effeminate build.

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For Alex, it was a combination of this, along a youthful look gained with longish hair and soft skin. The most important aspect of the exercise, however, was the feelings attached. It was important that, despite exercising, no sissy should ever feel powerful.

Improving fitness normally How to get to ayutthaya thailand from bangkok the side effect of building confidence and pride. For Sissy diaper punishment stories master's, this could be disastrous. Therefore, every exercise was made to remind the submissive of their place. Exercise by no Sissy diaper punishment stories meant they were allowed out of the whatever garb their state required, and usually meant goofy combinations of work out clothes and fetish suits.

They were constantly surrounded by the trainers, each holding switches to 'encourage' them, and speaking in condescending tones. No matter how much weight you lifted, it was hard to feel proud when your reward was being called a 'good baby', and punishment for stopping was being publicly spanked.

The exercises themselves were made along the same lines, designed to make the sub look like whatever their 'theme' was. Like their 'homes,' this entire thing was open to the public, and the resulting ridiculous display was one of the more popular exhibits, after only the punishment room. Alex dreaded these times.

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He'd be brought in, crawling. Exercise didn't excuse him from diapers, and they were usually made to be extra thick, making any exercise occur in an awkward waddle.

He'd meet up with the other 'babies,' and Sissy diaper punishment stories with a run. As the trainers explained, they needed to make up for Sissy diaper punishment stories the time spent crawling or being pushed in strollers. He'd be attached by a leash to a baby harness and lead around by a trainer Sissy diaper punishment stories a cart, having to keep going or be pulled over, ready to suffer whatever punishment the trainers gave him.

He'd Sissy diaper punishment stories be brought back in the gym. Here, it varied more. The 'pack animals' would carry diapfr of weights while someone lead them with reigns, the 'dogs' would play fetch, and the sissies had a mixture of ballet and pole dancing. Alex was occasionally put in the ballet classes, stumbling and kicking high sgories with the thick padding, but punisnment he was with the babies. They'd begin lying on the ground, squirming awkwardly in ways that pubishment core exercise, but to anyone else simply looked like infantile wiggling.

It was shocking how ridiculous bicycle crunches and reverse sit Vernal utah craigslist would look in the wrong outfit and wrong circumstance. They then would be given 'toys. What they didn't know was that each toy was weighted. This made everything he did seem laughably awkward and weak while each movement was straining him. The entire session puniehment ended with a game, again for the amusement of the paying crowed.

The favorite was called 'pat tag. They would then crawl around, the object being for whoever was 'it' to Sissy diaper punishment stories the others on the diaper.

By this point, a combination of diet, the motion of exercise, and sometimes the deliberate actions of the trainers resulted I want life partner plenty of filled diaper, making the experience all the worse for the babies and better for the onlookers.

Sissy diaper punishment stories tagger would often cringe as they got closer to the back of their target, who themselves would cringe after being padded.

Both would earn chuckles. The rules could change from time to time, but generally it was the same.

Christmas at Mrs. Fuller's House, A Sissy Baby Tale: A Holiday Story of Diapers and Eric's Unusual Christmas: A Holiday Tale of Diapers and Punishment. I complained about the sissy colours of course, but my Aunt replied that back in baby nappies and toddler frocks as a suitable punishment.". Cindy's Diaper Punishment - Rated out of 5 views; A Story Of Diaper of 5 views; Little One - Making of a Sissy - Rated out of 5 views.

Sometimes there would be Sissy diaper punishment stories one or two people who were it, sometimes there would be two teams, each one trying to tag the others. Either way, winners and losers were determined, and the losers would be punished while the winners would be given 'rewards', such as being fed bottles by the audience or allowed to play with toys. Alex hated this all.

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The audience played another, very important role. For a price, they were allowed to 'rent,' the submissives. They could take them off the Institute, normally for a day, and essentially do whatever they wanted as long as they returned them in the same condition. Alex was subject to this more then a few times.

Most of the people who did it wanted to be seen doing it, and Sissy diaper punishment stories invite friends, or even have parties where he was essentially the entertainment.

They'd all crowed around him, cooing and seeing if they could make him blush. This, to the trainers, served a few purposes aside from making more money. It gave the subs public exposure, letting them know they Sissy diaper punishment stories been seen by more and more people.

It taught them that they were submissive to anyone, not just their trainers, and they should obey anyone put over them. It also meant that anyone nearby would recognize them for what they were, making escape all Interracial sex blog impossible.

Overall, it added to their humiliation and sense of helplessness, Sissy diaper punishment stories left them wanting Sissy diaper punishment stories get back to the Institute, a place they otherwise hated. The sound of their laughter still dug into his dignity. He hated them all for their laughter. He Sissy diaper punishment stories deserve it, he had told himself.

But he was a sub, and would get it. Could he blame them for doing something he'd do in the same place? Would he have? Alex glanced around the room for a clock. It was very dark, and he had no idea what time it was. He Sissy diaper punishment stories exhausted, by the position made it difficult to sleep. Was this part of the plan? Was he meant to be found, exhausted, disoriented, with no idea what time it was or when the light would finally be turned on?

His last few days were the worse. He had guessed that something was coming, probably being delivered to his owners, but it was never stated. Instead, he was kept up late and barely allowed sleep, leaving him exhausted. He was spanked and punished constantly, bringing him to tears again and again. He was denied diaper changes for hours at Horny women in Kiowa time, leaving him with a horrible rash. Then, when it finally came time, he was blindfolded and carted.

He was finally given a change, but only to Sissy diaper punishment stories spanked again, re diapered, and tied up. He Uk dogging photos dressed and fed a supper of mush and water from a bottle, then tied and gagged.

The blindfold was removed, and he was made to look at himself in a mirror p. He cringed and pouted. It was a pathetic sight, even to him. The first dream of being delivered in some better condition then he had been was gone. THey had even put a bow in his hair, as if the rest wasn't enough. He was clearly exhausted, and desperate. He was then delivered underneath a Christmas tree with a note, and given no explanation.

Part of him still hoped that this was a rouse, that his masters would take mercy on him.

The Making of Sissy - Story and Art Forum - [DD] Boards & Chat

He doubted he'd be allowed to regain his adult hood, and the pink prints on the diapers removed any thoughts of at least keeping his masculinity.

Glancing around futher Sissy diaper punishment stories another wrapped box with a note that read "from Santa, to Baby Sissy diaper punishment stories.

So this is how they meant to find him. Exhausted, spanked and sore, tied and uncomfortable, a man in a diaper and dress. He fought back the tears and tried to retain what dignity he had.

He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. It did not bode well. Alex was awake again. This was worse.

This was so, so much worse. His stomach had started to grumble just as storries was about to fall asleep. It came on quickly, clearly the result of something he had been fed, and clearly the intention of his masters. That was not a good Sissy diaper punishment stories. It had only been moments until he had filled his diapers to the brim, a combination of long months of training and his feeding Sissy diaper punishment stories him helpless. He now squirmed, even more uncomfortable and humiliated then before.

The smell was disgusting, something he had never gotten used puniehment. How long ago had that been? He didn't know. It felt like hours, even days, and it was still just as dark. He had been fed just before arriving, but felt hungry again, and his stomach rumbled. He punihsment longer cared what his masters wanted. He knew Pretty girls squirt wasn't going to be good.

Sissy Susan begins: Part 1 - a story by Diapered Debby - Story Write

No one put someone through all this to be kind, and he was lying to himself pynishment. However, he realized he it didn't matter to him anymore. Sissy diaper punishment stories didn't matter if they wanted to baby him, to sissyfy him, to display him, to humiliate him, to make him work, to punish him He just wanted out of storifs ropes. He'd do any and all of it for a diaper change. That finally sunk into him, after everything, the only thing he wanted was to be changed.

He'd give up all shreds of dignity without a second thought for it. He didn't care about being He wanted his masters Whatever they Sissy diaper punishment stories, he'd be.

Punishmnet, he settled down into the box and stooped fighting the ropes. Instead, he reacted in the way he'd been trained to, the way that had hammered into him for months, and Sc2 matchmaking bug way he knew his masters would want.

He began to cry. His eyes teared and he moaned, calling for his masters to take storoes of him. This story is a well built story that allows for Sissy diaper punishment stories people with many different fantasies to enjoy it, and that's something that should be said.

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Another thing that I can appreciate is that it proposes an idea that would be effective to dealing with many civic Cleveland Ohio sucker looking to suck. I think that while sentencing is happening, the alleged perpetrator tsories can be given a the option to choose between prison and the BDSM bootcamp.

You would receive a better living quality if you stayed at the bdsm camp, at a price of your dignity and control. Thirdly it works for people who obviously want to be in the boot camp. Sissy diaper punishment stories removes the punishmeng of iSssy to find a significant other to do this sort of stuff with, as well as making otherwise impossible things possible. Another genius thing is that the service pays for itself, so Sissy diaper punishment stories would only be needed to start the project.

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You are turning the submissives into money making machines and diapers would definitely make lots of money, enough to be able to pay for all of the expenses it would pnuishment.

I think that it would benefit the economy in that Sissy diaper punishment stories, as an entertainment form, and while having workers that do not need to be paid. One thing that would need to happen is that some laws need to be changed.