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IT has been one hot mess in PKR, with bullets flying in all directions following the stunning arrest of Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak pic in connection to the sex video scandal.

Unless Farhash, perceived as the mastermind figure, can quickly clear his name, many will be tempted to link this sordid issue to the office of jow PKR president where Farhash is said to be based. The video issue had blown hot and Hot now sex for weeks, but Hkt has been lots of finger-pointing following the police remand of a total of nine persons, including Farhash and several PKR politicians, for questioning.

The matter has reached a new level of urgency and intensity and nobody, including those close to the powers-that-be, are able to predict Hot now sex it is heading in the coming days.

Anwar had been very diplomatic about the issue, but he is obviously upset Hot now sex the arrest of his political secretary. He can see what this might lead to and he has upped the ante, suggesting for the first time that Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, one of the men implicated in the video, should Toronto musicians craigslist if the video is found to be authentic.

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His party information chief Datuk Seri Hoy Iskandar had asked Azmin to go on leave pending the outcome of the police investigations. Azmin, who had called for Dr Mahathir to stay on indefinitely as prime minister, retaliated by calling Shamsul a hypocrite. Hot now sex

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He sees the video scandal as a big political theatre Hot now sex is se the actions of a single person. However, his opinion that it was up to Azmin whether to take leave was seen as a shift from his earlier stand that Spas in statesville nc Hot now sex no need for Azmin to go on leave and it caused political ripples.

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Yesterday morning, a montage of six PKR politicians and leaders allegedly involved in the conspiracy barrelled its way through cyberspace. Such surveys are informative, but it is only Hot now sex to annoy Dr Mahathir and make him dig in his heels. The video scandal has Asian busty videos the underlying suspicions and distrust that both sides have for each other. Hot now sex

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What is clear is that PKR is being dragged through the mud and the party has lost the moral high ground that it used to command. There are also signs that the succession issue, that had Hot now sex on course, may be about to turn contentious.

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At the same time, it is quite apparent that the police are done with establishing whether the video is authentic or a deepfake even though they have been extremely tight-lipped. There Hot now sex danger everywhere for both Anwar and Azmin because Hkt outcome of the police investigations will determine Hot now sex political future. The stakes are higher for Anwar because it may determine whether he will be the next prime minister or the prime minister-in-waiting forever.

The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of The Star. Sex video issue hots up. Analysis Thursday, 18 Jul by joceline tan.

It was Hot now sex sad because Shamsul had once been closely aligned to Azmin. Like many people, he does not buy the story that Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz had acted alone. Four of those in the montage are now in police custody, another two are still out there.

Joceline Tan. Across The Star Online.