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Girls with hot body

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Even the most popular girls in school find it necessary to degrade themselves, and encourage other members of the group to do so. This fascination with their self image is a common motif throughout the movie.

Throughout the film, Girls with hot body George is tricked into eating Caltine bars which cause her to gain weight. She gains more weight and slowly loses the power to judge others until she is no longer idolized within the school.

The girls are clearly beautiful women, but while standing in front of a mirror, bash their bodies. Regina thinks her pores are huge, Gretchen thinks she has a weird hairline, and Karen thinks her nail beds suck.

Girls with hot body

Teenagers focus on the tiniest things to try to make themselves perfect. Even Hody mother is insecure about her body- shown through the character's frequent references to her "hard as rocks" breast implants.

This is why The Plastics find faults with themselves. Finding blemishes with themselves fuels their obsession to be perfect.

This obsession then gives them their power, so inadvertently, finding flaws with yourself Adult want nsa Lotsee your social status in high school are tied together. When she enters high school, she knows no one, but Girls with hot body she starts conforming and acting like The Plastics she then gains more power and eventually reaches the top of the boyd totem pole.

First Cady starts paying more attention to her face in mirrors and dressing herself differently. Through changing her image, Cady Girls with hot body gained power and Regina loses it due to her fall from perfection. A central theme the audience sees in Mean Girls, is as a teenager's social status in high school all depends on their self-image and drive to be perfect.

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