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Condom pee drug test Wants Teen Sex

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Condom pee drug test

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I Ready Real Swingers Condom pee drug test

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STROUDSBURG, PA - An Alabama woman was busted after she tried passing a drug test in a sneaky way. Jade Cullen, 26, was on parole. Any of you ever passed a drug test using someone elses urine and how did I'd also try wrapping it in two condoms just to be on the safe side. Each condom had much more than enough fluid for a single test, and each was tyed off I ran both urine-filled condoms under hot water until they reached a.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. So I got it: Ladies please read. I got the job that I've been wanting forever I am Condom pee drug test but I hope my plan is full-proof.

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I don't know if any of you have read my post about how I am planning on doing it but Frug going to use 2 visine bottles. One up my vageegee and one in between my boobs.

Seeking Sex Dating Condom pee drug test

My question here is for the ladies only Any of you ever passed a drug test using someone elses urine and how did you do it? Any tips on keeping it warm??

GoldChico New Member. Boss Well-Known Member. That's the product at GNC that worked for me as well, and for everyone so far that I have recommended it too.

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MsRedEye New Member. I don't think your plan is a bad one, but I think you would reduce vrug risk if you used a urine cleansing product.

In a glove with a hand warmer, and the urine in a condom or a gator type baggie,. This will work for employment,. Department c or reactions. Check out your best options for passing a urine or hair drug test. instead of asking your little brother to pee into a condom, as one subject told. If you go in there saying your piss is dirty from smoking weed, or doing some other . if you're a guy get someone to pee in a condom. and tie it.

As most of us know, condoms sometimes break. If you're nervous, you might even drop the condom specimens in deug toilet or on the floor--then you'd have a problem.

If you can afford to do so, use the product recommended by Boss and GoldChico. It has worked for them and others as well.

Condom pee drug test

If you decide to proceed with your plan, you might want to try jogging in place or walking briskly to keep the specimen at the right temp. Maybe even hold the condom in your hands and blow Condom pee drug test breath on it. I'd also try wrapping it in two condoms just to be on the safe side. Wear a pad too just in case it leaks.

I would do a few "practice runs" too just to make sure it works and you are comfortable doing it. Good luck! Johnny New Member. MsRedEye said:.

Scarecrow New Member. I know a lot of people who have used others urine for their drug tests.

Yeah I've done a dru practice runs. I put the one visine bottle up Condomm female parts and the other one I have wrapped in a hot Condom pee drug test for about 30 min and then I slip it into my bra for about 25 just incase I have to wait When I mix them they equal about I'm nervous because I've read it has to be etst 90 - and I've also heard Fort william dating - I Condom pee drug test wish I knew the min lowest they would accept it at.

It's just a pre employment drug test and physical drug test first. In a little clinic in the city so its nothing fancy and they don't watch. My girlfriend said they stand right outside the door so I have to be super quiet.

Oh wish me luck. I promise to come back and let everyone know how I did I hate when ppl don't. Frog New Member.

Good Luck Ma'am. Take the temp of your own after you urinate regularly.

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Then shoot for that temp with your samples. I passed It was soooo easy. I love you all.

Smokin Moose Fallen Cannabis Warrior. Glad that worked out for you!

Herb Fellow New Member. Yeah, I agree Herb. It's like a signal in our heads that tell us "This must be good! So I just took a urine test today Condom pee drug test passed I used friends urine and a condom.

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I Condom pee drug test in my lady pocket you know what I mean and I had to practice practice practice coz dang it was hard. Lay down is a must abs I actually found the thin ones worked the best I put the pin in my panty line and I also used a tampon to hold the condom in. It had just a tiny bubble out so I could prick it.

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And I peed lol but it worked. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.